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Here are some important dates to keep in mind throughout 2018:

January 15 Q4 estimated tax payment for 2020
February 1 W3s for all W2s Last chance to recharacterize distributions
March 15 S Corp (1120S) tax returns Partnership returns (1065); File Form 2553 to elect S Corp Status beginning with calendar year 2021.
April 15 Individual tax returns; Q1 estimate payment; C Corp returns; IRA or Roth IRA contribution for previous year
June 15 Q2 estimated tax payment
September 15 Q3 estimated tax payment; S Corp & LLC on extension
October 15 Individual tax returns on extension; Recharacterize 2020 Roth IRA conversions; C Corp on extension
January 18 2022 Q4 estimated tax payment
January 31 2022 W2s and 1099s to recipients
February 28 2022 W3s for all W2s issued in 2021

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